Benefits of Wearing Socks

April 18, 2017

Benefits of Wearing Socks

Socks with stripes, fuzzy socks, toe socks, argyle socks. Athletic socks. Dress socks. Silk socks. Wool or cotton socks. There are plenty of different kinds of socks to match the preferences of those who are wearing them. Socks are a creative way to express your personality, mood, style, and purpose. Everyone wears socks for different reasons but what most don’t know is that there are many foot health benefits to wearing them.


1. Odor prevention

According to, a pair of feet has 250,000 sweat glands. Wearing socks with your shoes can help prevent odor by absorbing this large amount of sweat from your feet.


2. Disease prevention

Socks can help protect your feet from the risk of being exposed to diseases such as Athlete’s Foot and other types of fungi can be spread from person to person at places like shoe stores and the gym. Wearing socks in these situations can decrease the risk of contracting these diseases.


3. Preventing foot pain

Socks can help protect your feet from hard surfaces or harsh objects on the ground that you may step on. The barrier socks provide between your feet and the ground helps prevent accidents and long-term foot pain. However, remember that socks cannot fully protect you from these harsh surroundings. It is best to wear shoes when in outdoor environments.


4. Heating

Wearing socks provides a layer of insulation that assist in keeping your feet warm. In the winter, warm socks (like those made of wool) help maintain the heat temperature of your feet. Warm, dry socks are recommended for protecting the body from cold-related conditions like frostbite and hypothermia.


It is clear that socks do a lot more for our feet than just making them look stylish. With the cold weather coming up, socks will be needed for keeping feet warm, as well as absorbing the moisture from sweating in boots and other close-toed shoes.