Terry Sport Socks-Low Cut (Extra Thick [Black])


Cushioned, is any construction with a terry pile surface on one side and a ribbed or plain knit surface on the other.

In most cushioned athletic socks for example, the terry forms the inside of the foot portion of the sock. Some of the more sophisticated styles feature added layers of cushioning under certain areas of the foot, depending upon the sports activity for which the socks are intended.

Cushion constructions are often used in men's and women's athletic and casual socks of all types. While terry cushioning normally fulfils a functional purpose of reducing shock of running or jumping, the same terry-knitting procedure is followed in producing some novelty sock with a terry or velour outer surface.

Cushion constructions in a sock increases the thermal qualities. The cotton-cushion-soled sock is the most versatile all weather purpose sock.


Materials & Care

  • 80% Cotton ,  20% Spandex.
  • Color: Assorted
  • Size: Free Size
  • Premium Fabric
  • Extra Thick
  • Sell in 3 in 1 bundle!!

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